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  • Charra Veal. The essence of the dehesa
    Charra Veal. The essence of the dehesa

Charra Veal. The essence of the dehesa

The Charra Veal is under the Certification Mark of the same denomination that makes reference to fresh meat of beefs, born, bred and fatten in Salamanca. An essential requirement of this brand is that the cows must have been bred in the dehesa, and fed with mother milk and surrounding pastures up to five months.

Thus, it is guaranteed their origin and breeding in a privileged ecosystem, with a unique quality, a careful fattening based on natural products. The traceability of the meat is always assured since the birth of the animal to its commercialization in specialized shops, which guarantees the highest levels of quality.

The meat of Charra Veal presents a high proportion of intramuscular fat content, with a great maturity and seductive taste. Likewise, it combines very complete nutritional characteristics with essential fatty acids and proteins of a high biological value that provide the organism iron and B12 vitamin.

The use of a high environmental quality natural site, with local breeds adapted for centuries to this singular environment, such as the morucha and the avileña, establishes this meat as a genuine product of Castile and Leon.

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