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  • Hornazo of Salamanca
    Hornazo of Salamanca

Hornazo of Salamanca. The best traditional flavour

Fiesta and hornazo go frequently together in Salamanca. But the real celebration that gathers both is the Lunes de Aguas (Watery Monday), when local people go out for picnic to celebrate the end of Lent and Holy Week.

Hornazo is a type of round or rectangular pie elaborated with a mass made of wheat flour, lard, water and salt. It is filled with cold cuts such as chorizo, pickled loin, ham and, occasionally, hard boiled eggs.

All of them are simple ingredients that reach the highest gastronomic levels and create an intense dish, nice to palate, of soft taste and intense aroma.

Recognised as a Certification Mark, nowadays hornazo is available during the whole year, not only on the traditional dates.

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