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Las Arribes

Las Arribes

Gastronomy - Las Arribes

Oil. Extra-virgin olive oil

Fruity, dense, with an intense fragrance and spicy touches. This is the extra-virgin olive oil elaborated in the natural parks of Las Arribes and the Sierras de Francia and of Béjar, which adds singular notes to the prized olive juice.

Arribes Cheese. Sheep raw milk

The north-east landscape of Salamanca, dotted with forests of oak trees, oak groves and croplands, turns into terraces by the river Duero and its canyons. These particular conditions make pastures and scrubland vegetation ideal for any kind of livestock.

Wine of Las Arribes

The area of Las Arribes del Duero presents the ideal conditions for growing vineyards: Mediterranean weather in the hillsides and valleys, granite and slate soils, a Little bit sandy. On these soils, the local winemakers have been able to grow grapevines of a strong flavour.

Gastronomy in Ledesma

The Rosquillas from Ledesma are the most important product of the gastronomy in this area, and their reputation has moved beyond the limits of the province. They are home-made with eggs, lard, flour and sugar, and they are very small (a diameter of approximately two centimeters).

Gastronomy in Las Arribes

You can never leave Las Arribes if you have not tried its sheep cheese, which has a Certification Mark, and the very well-known wine with designation of origin.