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  • Arribes Cheese
    Arribes Cheese

Arribes Cheese. Sheep raw milk

The north-east landscape of Salamanca, dotted with forests of oak trees, oak groves and croplands, turns into terraces by the river Duero and its canyons.

These particular conditions make pastures and scrubland vegetation ideal for any kind of livestock.

In fact, by the end of the XIXth century, large milk sheep herds appeared and the production led to the handy cheese elaboration. At the beginning it was a familiar business but later one it became more professional. And this is how the elaboration of the cheese of Las Arribes of Salamanca, recognized with a Certification Mark, began.

One of its secrets is the traditional elaboration with sheep raw milk. At sight, it shows numerous holes homogeneously distributed. It has a nice smell and a very developed aroma with memories of sheep milk and butter.

Its taste progresses towards fruity flavours of dry, hard grains and with lightly spicy touches that become more intense as long as the curing process goes on.

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