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  • Wine of Las Arribes
    Wine of Las Arribes

Wine of Las Arribes

The area of Las Arribes del Duero presents the ideal conditions for growing vineyards: Mediterranean weather in the hillsides and valleys, granite and slate soils, a Little bit sandy. On these soils, the local winemakers have been able to grow grapevines of a strong flavour.

The native varieties of grapes, such as that of Juan García or the bruñal, or the bastardillo chico and the puesta en cruz, give the wines of Las Arribes this unique flavour. The fourteen cellars registered in the Regulating Council of the Designation of Origin produce different kinds of wines, red, rosé and white ones. Generally speaking, they are balanced and well structured.

They are clean bright wines, with intense colours, from from the cherry red to the purple red wines; from the strawberry red rosé wines to the greenish straw yellow white wines. They have a high aromatic potential; you can fell reminiscences of different flavours: forest fruits, jams, leather and liquorice, over a mineral main flavour for the red and rosé wines. The rosé wines also show exotic fruits with flower, citrics and forest aromas.

These are undoubtedly different unique surprising wines.

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