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  • Ganadería Orive. Finca “Las Tapias”
    Toro bravo y dehesaGanadería Orive. Finca “Las Tapias”

Ganadería Orive. Finca “Las Tapias”

This finca is situated in Villares de Yeltes; this village is located between the rivers Yeltes and Huebra, whose existence gives as a result many natural springs, lakes and fountains in this area where this ganaderia is located.

The routes around the meadow is made by tractor, going from one fenced are ato another one in order to visit everywhere in the ganaderia. “Las Tapias” has a trial bullring which is a hundred years old; many bullfighting professionals come to this place to carry out “tentaderos”. They also have persecuting and falling competitions (acoso y derribo) and make exhibitions of recortadores, but always on request (“Arte Charro”. Group).

The bulls are branded during the autumn months, so this is a good momento to see one of the most traditional jobs, which is done in order to identify and individualize the becerros, when these ones are separated from their mothers.

In order to make the visit even better, the finca offers some tastings of Iberian products, wine testings, snacks, grilled meats (using holm oak wood) and some other traditional dishes.

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