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  • Morille Art Cemetery
    Morille Art Cemetery

Morille Art Cemetery

The Art Museum in Morille was born in 2005 as a proposal of the artists Domingo Sanchez Blanco and the deceased Javier Utray.

The main objective of this original idea is to bury some valuable pieces from the artistic point of view; these items are directly related to the avant-garde art field. It is important to understand that the process of the burial is not less important than the burial itself.

This is an ambiguous sophisticated diverse proposal; some people think this is a “permanent art deposit”; others think it is a “mausoleum-museum. The diversity of approaches puts the Morille Art Cemetery in the dilemma which talks about the essence of the artistic creation itself (its nature and social function, among other factors). This essence involves an obvious critic dimension regarding the basis of the current museum studies.

In this project some very well known have taken part, such as Fernando Arrabal, Isidoro Valcarcel, German Coppini or Jose Luis Coomonte. Among all the performances and facilities, the most remarkable ones are the ash burial of the philosopher Pierre Klossovski, commissioned by Domingo Sanchez Blanco; and the burial of a Pontiac Grand Prix, a project directed by Javier Utray

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