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  • Museo carmelitano Carmus
    Museo carmelitano Carmus

Carmus Carmelite Museum

In the convent founded by Teresa de Jesus itself, there is a 900 square metres exhibition museum, which also includes some of the original rooms of the convent that have been restored

The exhibition shows the alcoves, rooms especially designed to host the relics of Santa Teresa, and her tomb.

The different rooms house important Renaissance and Baroque religious works of art; there are paintings, sculptures, goldsmith works and furniture.  There are pictures, carvings, altarpieces, reliquaries and ivory statues. The number and quality of works of art in this museum is magnificent, but if we had to choose only one piece of art, this would be the famous “Dolorosa”, carved by Pedro de Mena around 1675.

The collection of sculptures of Baby Jesus dressed up with costumes from the 17th and 18th centuries is also interesting, as well as the collection of paintings made on copper sheets or stones.

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