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  • Cathédrale de Ciudad Rodrigo
    Cathédrale de Ciudad Rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo Cathedral

This is undoubtedly the most important monument in the city. King Fernando II de Leon promoted the construction of this building at the end of the 12th century, although the building works took place along six centuries and this brought many changes and influences as a result.

Among the three doors of the building, the Forgiveness Portico (13th century) is the most important one and one of the most impressive in Spain. This portico has two twins arches, a mullion and some iconography with representations of Jesus Chist, the Apostles and the Virgin.

The Chains Door, with Romanesque imagery, and the Enlosado or Amayuelas Door, both of them complete the accesses to the Cathedral.

The interior is distributed in three naves and a transept, which is crowned by a big apse. The choir is one of the most beautiful works in the church. This Hispano-Flemish choir by Rodrigo Aleman, has two rows of stalls, which are magnificently carved.

Inside the Cathedral, we can see the Cloister, with beautiful Romanesque relives carved on the capitals and a rich and varied iconography. On the outer façade facing the walls, we can still see the impacts of the bombs which almost destroyed this magnificent building in the Independence War.

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