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    Concepcion Fortress

Concepcion Fortress

We are not going too far if we say that this is one of the most outstanding military fortresses in Spain. It is located not far from Ciudad Rodrigo, in the village of Aldea del Obispo, in the border with Portugal, where it used to act as a lookout building.

The building works were started on the 8th December 1663, promoted by the Duchess of Osuna, who commanded its construction to balance the existence of two fortifications in Portugal: Castelo Rodrigo and Almeida.

When the Duchess was defeated, the fortress was destroyed, and the military architect Moreau turned it into a watch over building in the 17th century. Finally, during the Independence War, Wellington rendered it unusable and blew it up partially.

The bastioned defensive site was designed with four bastions and ravelins, covered path, moats, drawbridges, parapets, casemates, chapels, water tanks, hospital, Governor´s  House…Everything built around the Weapons Square, which contributes to the magnificence of the site. Not far from the fortress we can find San Jose Cavalry Barracks.

After some restoration and reinforcement works, nowadays the site houses a hotel.

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