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Tierras de Peñaranda y Alba

Tierras de Peñaranda y Alba

Not to be missed - Tierras de Peñaranda y Alba


The rivers and tributaries which cross the province favour the formation of small lakes and building of reservoirs. Due to this fact, Salamanca is an ideal province to fish, especially salmonidae.


If you have enough time, you should visit the area of Guijuelo and try the so famous pork products, such as ham, and enjoy its traditional fiestas, such as the “matanza” (pig slaughter).

Teresian Route: from Ávila to Alba de Tormes with Teresa of Jesus

The route "From the craddle to the grave" links the cities of Ávila and Alba de Tormes, both Teresian by excellence, thus offering the pilgrim a historical and spiritual tour after the footprints of the Restless Saint.