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  • Morucha Veal
    Morucha Veal

Morucha Veal

The large dehesas are the habitat of the Morucha cow, the local breed of Salamanca. Under holm oaks and oak groves, livestocks freely graze and feed on the excellent spring pastures.

This breed, perfectly adapted to the environment and the harshen weather, is the best to take advantage of the resources offered by Campo Charro (Salamanca's dehesas), both the race purity and the different crossing with improved breeds, such as the charolais one.

The result is an exceptional meat of deep red colour and an aromatic flavour. It has a high nutritional value and a great protein contribution. Its quality has earned it the certification of Protected Geographical Indication. The Control Board shelters this seal and watches the product traceability.

According to age, the animals are classified as veal, calves, and heifers. The cutting offers many diverse cooking uses: roasts, boils, stews, grill or griddle.

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