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  • Lentilha de La Armuña
    Lentilha de La Armuña

La Armuña Lentil

To the north of the capital is situated La Armuña, an ideal region for cereal and pulse crops due to its rich soils. Among these products, the lentil excels as proved its Protected Geographical Indication.

La Armuña lentil features by its size, its green marble colour and a high percentage of proteins, iron and calcium. Its production covers more than 70,000 hectares; the Control Board controls the different phases, included harvest and packaging of the product.

For cooking it is perfect because it does not loose skin even if it's over-boiled, and produces a clear but hearty broth.

Both in the traditional cooking -tasty stews-, as in the most contemporary one–mashed, mousses or garnishes- La Armuña lentil has reached a deserved place for enjoyment of gourmets and diners.

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