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  • San Felices de los Gallegos

San Felices de los Gallegos

San Felices de los Gallegos, declared historical site, is a village in Las Arribes area which is worth visiting. The village, which has ancient origins as shown by the verraco (boar) decorating one of the entrances, was the cause of disputes between the Portuguese and Castilian crowns. During the Independence War, some defensive star-shaped bastions were built and they can still be seen nowadays from the top of the castle.

In the 15th century the Catholic Monarchs gave it to the House of Alba; in 1851, after many disputes, the inhabitants were able to get rid of that vassalage. Since then, the village has been celebrating El Noveno; they read the historical sentence and have bull fighting in the original bullring made up with the carts of the village inhabitants.

The village has other interesting places to visit, such as the Parish Church with its coffered ceiling; you can also get into the walled enclosure through the beautiful Bells´ Tower, find some of the three amazing hermitages hidden in the village, visit the old hospitals, palaces and big houses and finally go to the Oil Museum or the Stonework Museum.

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Interesting places

The Stonework Museum

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San Felices de los Gallegos Castle

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The Oil Museum

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